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  Daniella Sanader, exhibition text for Fascia Lines, 2017 with Laurie Kang  
  Hanna Hur, exhibition text for The weather in the room, 2017  
  Jacquelyn Ross, Obliteration Ritual for Katie Lyle, exhibition text for Why do I hear the ocean in my ear?, 2017  
  Daniella Sanader, exhibition text, How To: Katie Lyle and Bridget Moser at G Gallery, 2017  
  THE LAYERS: Evans Contemporary, Peterborough ON, May 20-June 25, 2016 October 2015  
  MOVEMENTS FOR A ROOM - Notes - Katie Lyle and Shelby Leigh Wright, March 2016  
  Mandy Ginson and Katie Lyle, THE END OF VANDALISM, 2015  

  Terence Dick, Akimblog, July 2017   
  Interview with Darby Milbrath, The Editorial Magazine, March 2017  
  Aryen Hoekstra, Canadian Art Magazine, Fall 2016  
  Justina Bohach, Review of Movements for a Room, C Magazine, 131 “Experimental Pedagogies” (Autumn 2016) (Toronto: C The Visual Arts Foundation, 2016)  
  Steffanie Ling, Akimblog, September 2015   
  Brad Phillips, "Portrait Relief" ArtSlant, May 2014